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Sodium Ascorbate (FERN-C): Power Revealed

The strength of FERN rests on its very membership - now nearing 400,000-strong and growing - the same strength that trickles down into each member-individual. As part of its commitment not only to the economic strength of this membership, FERN also commits itself to improve their health and well-being, including their families and friends, a reason why it has established a free clinic.

The company has taken in Dr. Amelia Obusan as its resident physician. An internist and cardiologist, Dr. Obusan employs treatment methods and medicines with extreme caution.

Dr. Obusan is the country's Sodium Ascorbate expert and has been subscribing to its use for nine(9) years now. While she admits that Vitamin C is not a miracle drug, its potential benefits to the human body are very much underestimated.

For example, Dr. Obusan mentions a case which she has had the opportunity to help treat. The patient, a diabetic, was brought to her in a wheel chair, as he could no longer walk due to a wound on one foot. Some doctors had advised amputation, she says.

While giving no guarantee, she recommended that the patient take several doses of Sodium Ascorbate on a daily basis. After a month, there was a marked improvement on the wound. After two months, the foot completely healed.

Dr. Obusan cited other cases on which FERN-C was used as a supplement, which helped overcome illnesses. A breast cancer patient, for one, is at the moment cancer-free after taking doses of FERN-C, she says.

And while patients took only Sodium Ascorbate during the course of their treatment, she advises that the regimen should also come with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Dr. Obusan conducts regular FREE CLINIC at FERN, Inc. Head Office from Mondays-Fridays, 1:30pm to 7:00pm. First-come, first-serve basis, up to 55 patients a day.


"I was diagnosed that I have acute myocardial infarction and acute bronchitis. My daughter told me to take at least 10 capsules a day for 5 days. Instead of 1 month confinement in the hospital, my doctor decided that I can be released and go home and just take a complete rest. After 5 days, I was detected to have less hypertension and low level of cholesterol in result of my diagnose. Thanks to FERN-C."

Leonardo PuracanSta. Cruz, Laguna

"I mix the powder from FERN-C with mineral water and apply it to my face morning and night for skin rejuvenation."

Dra. Amelia ObusanCardiologist SpecialistSt. Lukes Medical Center

"Hello! FERN C works wonders to me and my friends whom I introduced the product. Take Dra. Jesusita DG Ruiz' experience. Last year, during the holiday season, she and her friends are celebrating the holiday season and she said she was drunk with pear wine. She did consume the bottle of pear wine alone! At midnight she experienced severe stomach pains. No antacid in sight, she saw the FERN C that she bought from me and took 2 capsules. She slept soundly that night and rose early the following day to tend her garden. Passersby are surprised to saw her tending the garden with no hang-over. Dra. Jesusita DG Ruiz is a registered FERNchisee from Olongapo City. My personal experience is very inspiring. A friend advised me to consume 5-5-5 capsules of FERN C daily for health and beauty reasons; (who doesn't want to feel and look young?)Instead of taking 5-5-5 capsules. I took 8-8-8 daily for one month; that means 12,000 mg of FERN C daily, imitating Dr. Linus Pauling's dosage. Know what happened? I am in my menopausal stage last year and stopped menstruating. After the 8-8-8 capsules dosage daily for one month, my monthly period returns. Nonetheless, I discontinue the dosage 'coz I’m tired of having my monthly period. Tired of experiencing three months of profuse bleeding during 1993 due to my benign myoma which was irritated by a pain reliever, a synthetic drugs that I stupidly took. Thanks to FERN C and my (disciplined diet ?) myoma was gone without undergoing hysterectomy. To all golden ladies (those nearing their golden age) why not try the 8-8-8 capsules dosage daily. "

Lillian Padilla-BisisPasig City

"FERN C was introduced to me by my friend when we had our CFC Hope Weekend at Baguio. I told her that I can't take vitamin C more than 200 mg because of stomach upset and ulcer. She gave me 4 capsules so I can try it. After one week she called me and she heard through the phone that I'm having difficulty in breathing because of severe allergic rhinitis. I almost cried because of uneasiness and felt the numbness of my head, as if lacking in oxygen; have experienced this 3 times. She told me to swallow 2 capsules of FERN-C; I have no choice coz I really felt bad, so I took 2 capsules. To my surprise the numbness in my head disappear after an hour and I can tolerate the 1000 mg, without stomach upset. I purchased 2 boxes so that I can get my succeeding purchases at a lower price, but to my surprise it has a good business opportunity. Likewise, I told my ENT about my experience with FERN-C. My Doctor told me she's also taking FERN-C. My husband & I are planning to get a fernchise. Another experience was when I felt pains all over my body. I took 2 capsules of FERN-C and after an hour I perspired and that made me feel good. There was also an instance when my 2 sons can't go to their respective offices because they felt bad as if they will have fever so I gave them 2 capsules of FERN-C. Two hours passed and they were able to go to their offices. "

Liza Lota

"Fern-C was introduced to me during my vacation last June 2006, in Dumaguete City from a cousin. First, I took it as a test because I'm having a very slow metabolism and decided to take it daily for my entire 3 weeks that I was there. I came back in the US and finished the whole box. After seeing the good results that I expected, I decided to purchase 4 more boxes and will continue to use them when I can. I'm very thankful to this "fern-c thingy". "

Claire TanamorIT AssistantWashington,DC

"Dr. Amelia Obusan gave me some Fern C, and I’m taking it daily, since then my general outlook has changed, I being in Hong Kong I am expose to pressures and stress, since I started taking FERN C , I can manage stress easily , I also sleep better and I have clearer facial skin. Thanks to Fern C"

Anna Lissa A. Payawal

"I am Susan, a 7 year breast cancer survivor living on an 80% vegetarian diet, taking my health supplements including 2,000 mg of vitamin c. My cancer came back in February 2007. Had a lumpectomy in May 2007. Like 7 years ago, refused to do chemotherapy as it hurts more in the pocket and body more than the condition of my disease. Luckily, the return was confined to my left breast (it was on the right the first time). I did the fern c calibration. oh boy, I tell you...it took 18,000 mg before I had LBM; then I adjusted it to bowel tolerance which is 10,000 mg. That is what I am taking today together with my diet and other supplements which I kept taking. Good luck to all fellow survivors!"


"This is Carlota, I would like to share my experience regarding Fern-c. So proud to say na unang inom ko pa lang ng fern-c ay nakatulog agad ako ng mahimbing, meaning, narelieved ang insomia ko. Then my son, na hatsing ng hatsing one morning, I just told him to drink 2 capsules of fern-c, after lunch ay di na sya nag hatsing. Kaya nga i recommended it to my friends, so that all of us can feel the benefits of fern-c. "

Carlota Diaz
Molino, Bacoor, Cavite

"One night 8:30 PM, I’m riding a bus going home from school, I’m not feeling will I have a cough and flu kasi nabasa ako ng ulan galing field work...one of my town mate naka-upo on the other side of passenger bus, Mr. Boholst, introduce the FERN-C and afterward I take one capsule while riding in the bus... aftermath, pagising ko ng umaga... maganda na pakiramdam ko kaya every day I take FERN-C ... Kasi I’m working in the day and studying in the night...Kaya ngayon I have introduce it to my fellow worker. "

Emil SumagaysaySocial Work Student-Ramon Magsaysay College, Gensan CitySWA, Social Welfare Office, Tupi, South Cotabato

“I have a metal tube in my heart, hindi po ako pwedeng sipunin. Because nagkaproblema ang heart ko, so I am taking FERN-C for my protection.”

Marily Ordillo
Finance Officer
Securior Inc.

“May cyst ako sa intestine, 8 cm ang laki. Nakaschedule ako for operation. Pinainom ako ng 2000mg ng FEN-C daily. Nang magpacheck-up ako uli, 7cm na lang ang cyst ko at pinahinto na lahat ng gamut na iniinom ko. Naging ok ako. After 6 months na uli ako magpapacheck-up. Salamat sa FERN-C.”

Lolita Austria
65 years old

“Meron po akong infection sa throat tapos pinainom po ako ng mommy ko 10,000 mg ng FERN-C per day. After 2 days, gumaling na po ang lalamunan ko.”

John Frederick Tonio
10 years old
Grade 4 student
Bonifacio Elementary School

“Nauntog yung anak ko sa pintuan ng van, nasugatan ng medyo malalim at bumuka ng malaki yung sugat, pagkatapos hinugasan ng tubig at alcohol at nilagyan ng FERN-C, pagkalipas ng 1 oras naghilom yung sugat at mabilis ng gumaling yung sugat after 2 days.”

Vina del Valle

I am only 43 years old but was already suffering from arthritis. My condition greatly improved and continues to improve with FERN-C. Even my son, who used to come home so tired from school, now has the energy to play basketball after school because of FERN-C. With these health improvements, I decided to become a Fernchise-C so I could share this great product to all my friends.

Elmer Manansala

My 2 daughters, ages 7 and 3, got sick with Dengue. It reached Stage 2 where they experienced nose bleeding already. I confined them, and the doctor recommended blood transfusion. I gave them FERN-C and surprisingly, they were discharged within 12 hours without blood transfusion!

Edwin Cordero

I have a 5 year old daughter who is hypersensitive, hence, grew up suffering from constant allergies, cough and colds, and asthma attacks. As an active child by nature, she was restricted by her condition. But after taking FERN-C, in a week’s time, her allergic reactions were gone! Now, I am maintaining her with one capsule a day and she’s enjoying being active again.

Joy Mosot

My aunt has a cyst in her breast for the last two years but resisted having an operation. She tried other health supplements but none improved her condition. She decided to try FERN-C taking 3 capsules a day. In two weeks, her cyst softened and reduced in size.

Miriam Gardino

I’ve had Perioral Dermatitis which ate up a lot of my time and money spent on derma costs. I was told by my derma that it would be cured in 2 to 3 months. My face had been ruined. When I was introduced to FERN-C, I was so glad when it took effect within two weeks of taking the vitamin. I got cured in less than a month!

Kacy Mercado

A family member has multiple myeioma (cancer of the bone marrow) and as a result, his nerves were damaged. He has to take pain killers everyday – in the morning so he can go to work, and at night, so he can sleep. It weighed heavily on his health and finances as well. Since taking FERN-C, he has been off the painkillers for almost two years now.

Hannah Crisostomo

"For nearly two decades, I have been getting more and more ill with so many different illnesses that it is hard to list them all. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity and an Enlarged Heart would likely top the list. My Grandfather at age 52 had a massive heart attack. My mother died at age 49. I am running 54 as of this writing in January 2008.

Last year I was introduced to Fern-C by a friend that thought it would help. I started with a modest one capsule with each meal. Within a week I noticed an improvement in my over all health. I became intrigued with Linus Pauling's work and with the fact that with all the doctors I went to, why didn't anyone tell me to take more vitamin-C? I read more past and present information and each time, I increased my Fern-C intake. My own research into Sodium Ascorbate continually brought me into contact with the illness and diseases I have been diagnosed with... Until the day I noticed that there was one more thing in common, Celiac Disease. I never heard of it before, most people haven't. Yet Celiac is believed to cause 1% of the world's population to suffer. Older information (pre-2006) says Asians cannot get Celiac, although I am not very Asian, it is now known that it is only the symptoms that are different. Some researchers now believe that Celiac Reactive Gluten is the leading cause in the Philippines of Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, painful psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, autistic children and even some cases of schizophrenia, depression and mood swings. The solution is simple, avoid anything made out of Wheat, Rye, Barley (including Malt) and Oats.

Because of my involvement in Fern-C I received a proper diagnosis of Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis (CD/DH). Most doctors in the Philippines don't even know what that is, although it is believed to adversely effect 2 out of 100 people directly, or with a disease that is helped by a Celiac Reactive Gluten Free Diet. The math says about 18 Million people in the Philippines would benefit by knowing this.

What they do not tell you is when you make a mistake and ingest some Gluten - you can get over it more quickly by taking more Sodium Ascorbate Fern-C. I asked my doctor about Sodium Ascorbate and without hesitation he told me that I should "at least be taking 5 grams spread through the day!" Wow! I went to one capsule an hour immediately!

Now I am not a doctor or medical researcher, I am just a guy that suffers from Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis (CD/DH), Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, painful psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and my wife will tell you that this all puts me in a bad mood when I have a Celiac Reactive Gluten reaction (really bad!). Before it would take three to four days to get over, at 3-4 Fern-C caps an hour and plenty of water, I can get over it in 24 - 36 hours.

Plus, my Blood Pressure has been as high as 250/170 - enough to kill a person. Enough they will not let me out of the doctor's office and recommend admission to the hospital! Powerful drugs are needed to bring it down to 160/110. This morning, with 2 Fern-C capsules an hour and the lowest dose of a mild blood pressure medicine had me at a calm 127/72 on the digital cuff.

All these blessings and Fern-C costs me less that these powerful medicines with their powerfully bad side effects!

The Painful Dermatitis Herpetiformis on my legs is actually healing too. If all that weren't enough, I have lost 5kgs and my snow white hair, beard, mustache, and eyebrows are all growing out darker again! No more white hair for Lolo! That is not a joke - everyone notices it... Finally, my doctor says that if I keep showing the signs of improvement I have had so far, that he will soon completely remove me from ALL Blood Pressure Medicine! Praise the Lord!

Thank You Fern-C!!!"

Alan Tait
Talisay City, Cebu